About Us

Hello all and thank you for your interest in our website.  My name is Clyde and my wife, Lupe helps me create all of these tutorials that I sincerely hope helps you in some way or another.

I got this idea after we were gone on a very long trip.  We were away from our home for over six months and turned off all the water, electricity, etc. to our home.  Upon returning we were expecting a last minute visit from Lupe’s family and as we scrambled to ensure all was perfect, we realized that one of those toilet bowl cleaners was left in the tank of our guest room toilet the whole time we were away.  In case you did not know, those cleaners are highly corrosive.  Needless to say, all the metal in the tank was completely gone.  We panicked and hired a plumber to replace it all for us while we focused on the rest of the house.  I was amazed when the plumber handed me the bill for $500.00.  Regardless I had no choice at the time and paid the man.  That astonishment turned into torment about a year later as I roamed around the plumbing section at Lowe’s and saw the tank kit for only $15.00.  Oh well, I guess that is what we get for paying someone to do our dirty work for us.

Since that experience I have refused to hire anyone to do something that I can do myself.  My wife and I have been taking the time to research and do all of our home repairs when it is absolutely possible.  With the current economy the way it is, that has been a good thing and we have saved quite a bit of money doing it all on our own.  One of the crazy points about this; we have been learning that something’s we thought would be hard are actually quite easy.  Anyway I am rambling.  We are putting this website together in order to pass on what we have learned in hopes of helping everyone else learn some fun stuff or save a dollar or two.  As you browse around I would appreciate any and all feedback you may have.  Thanks again for checking out the website and we hope you find it helpful.