Moen Wetherly Kitchen Faucet

There are a few reasons that you may want or need to change your kitchen faucet.  Whether your faucet is broken, leaking, or maybe you just want a new look; this project is fairly simple.  This project was completed with the Moen Wetherly kitchen faucet.  A faucet swap is so easy that I am not going to do a step by step walk through.  Additionally, instructions for each faucet can be very different.  I am just going to show you the need to know parts, because in the end the concept is the same.  Although this is a simple project it can be time consuming so put aside at least four hours.  Once you get the old faucet removed, you are locked into the project until it is finished.  Why is it time consuming?  It is a cramped space with barely enough room to tighten the main nuts.  Sometimes it is only possible to tighten those a quarter turn at a time.  Not to mention your hands have to be elevated which in turn will cause you to need to take breaks.

WARNING:  Look at the way your entire sink is setup.  Not all of them are setup the same way.  If you fail to follow certain steps, you could flood your entire kitchen.  Consult a professional plumber if you have any doubts at all.


  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Flash Light
  • Goggles
  • Mask (if you need to make an additional hole)
  • Hearing Protection (if you need to make an additional hole)

This installation is using a Moen Wetherly bronze kitchen faucet.

How much can you save by doing this yourself?  Some are charging $99.00 – up, to install one kitchen faucet.

Moen Wetherly Kitchen Faucet Review

Moen Wetherly Kitchen Faucet (9)We just installed the Moen Wetherly kitchen faucet so we cannot speak for durability.  This review is just based on our first impressions.  We are not fans of gold and silver colored items.  The bronze color fits in with most of the changes that we have made to our home such as door knobs, lighting and switches.  I really like the look and style of this faucet a lot.  After installation the faucet seems very sturdy and as of now do not doubt the durability.  Of course I will update this review if that changes in the future.  The installation was fairly easy.

My only complaint so far is the instructions that came with the faucet.  The instructions were very vague and not clear at all.  We spent quite a bit of time figuring out what items we actually needed to use that were included in the box.  None of the items were listed with a description, yet the actual steps listed them by letters.  The issue with this, there are a couple of ways you can install a faucet such as with the main base attached or without it.  This calls for different gaskets for example.  When and where to use those gaskets are vague.  Other than that we are very happy with this purchase thus far.




1.  First I describe the basic layout of the top in order to clarify the layout on from the bottom of the sink.  See photo caption.Moen Wetherly Kitchen Faucet (8)

1. Main Faucet. 2. Spray Nozzle. 3. Dish Washer Attachment.




2.  The first question you may have is, “do I need to turn of the main water to my house?”  The answer depends on if you have a new or modern house.  Most modern houses have water turn offs installed in the piping.  I am going to show you this first, because this is the first thing that you need to do.  If you forget to do turn off the water, this is where you have the above mentioned flood hazard.  The two knobs below turn only two directions (ON and OFF).  Turn them to the OFF position, then turn on your existing faucet.  No water should be flowing.  If there is water flowing check that you turned them all the way off.  Sometimes these knobs are very stiff and may seem OFF when they really are not, so turn a little harder.  Once there is no water flowing, you are ready to move to the next step.
Moen Wetherly Kitchen Faucet (1)














3.  With an adjustable wrench remove the indicated hosing below.  If you have a dish washer, you will have two hoses running from the hot water connection.   Leave the hose for the dish washer and disconnect the hose that leads to your existing faucet.  If water begins to flow, your only option at this point is to turn the knob more.  If it is stuck in the ON position, try reinstalling the hose and call a professional.Moen Wetherly Kitchen Faucet Disconnect Hosing

Disconnect Hosing



Moen Wetherly Kitchen Faucet (3)














Moen Wetherly Kitchen Faucet (4)














4.  This component is your garbage disposal.  It should be left as is for this project even though it is going to be in your way for most if not all of the process.
Moen Wetherly Kitchen Faucet (2)














5.  The brass fitting shown in the photo is where the main faucet connects.  Remove the screws and nut (sometimes it is just a nut holding it on).  Once removed your faucet will lift up and out, all hosing attached.
Moen Wetherly Kitchen Faucet (5)











Moen Wetherly Kitchen Faucet (5A)
























6.  Hot and cold hoses as they are on the faucet.  You will need to pay attention to this on the new faucet.  When you are done, if the hot and cold is backwards when you turn on the faucet.  Reverse the hosing connections to correct.
Moen Wetherly Kitchen Faucet (5B)
























7.  This hose is the quick connect for the spray nozzle.
Moen Wetherly Kitchen Faucet (5C)
























8.  This photo shows the connections to the top of your sink.  The dish washer is usually attached with a nut on top and one on the bottom.  The spray nozzle has one nut on the bottom.
Moen Wetherly Kitchen Faucet IMG_1113
























9.  This shows how the spray nozzle sits under your sink when installation is complete.  Notice how it may grab knobs and piping when you pull it up to use it.  Make sure it is clear of obstacles.
Moen Wetherly Kitchen Faucet IMG_1112














That is all there is to it.  I hope this information helps.