Bathroom Sink Sandbox

My wife and I decided to remodel our guest bathroom about 4 years ago.  Of course we wanted a theme and found this awesome blue color to cover the walls in, so we went with an ocean/beach theme.  This became one of those projects when the more I got into it the more inspiration flowed.  As I closed in on the end of the remodel I came up with a bathroom sink sandbox.  I thought it would be a cool addition and since I have never seen one, I went with it.  It turned out awesome and the only regret that I have is not thinking of this website when I did the work.  It would have made for an awesome tutorial.  Everyone that goes in our guest bathroom notices it right away and exclaims how cool it is.  We still are not done though.  Years later I am still waiting for a faucet to jump out at me, but other than that it is done.  I do not have the materials to recreate it at the moment and there may not be a tutorial, but this is a good idea that I want to share with everyone.  It may look complicated, but it really is not.  The worst part about it was getting the arch right to fit the diameter of the sink.  The rest was a piece of cake.


  • Rubber base board material -> hugs the top part of the sink.  You paint it to match the room so the color really does not matter.
  • Wooden base board material (weave style) -> makes up the walls around the sandbox.  Again the color does not matter since you are going to paint it.
  • Thin plywood -> makes up the bottom of the sandbox.
  • Wood nails, wood glue, and silicone sealant.

First take the thin plywood, cut, and shape it to fit the sink area where you want it.  Cut and sand the wooden base board material to make the walls.  Join it all with the rubber base board material in the middle.  Glue and nail it all together.  Take the silicone sealant and seal all of the cracks on the inside of your sandbox.  Once everything is dry, fill it with sand and your favorite bathroom items.  We used actual sand from a beach in Coronado, San Diego.  If you use real sand you will want to soak it in water.  Drain and let it dry in the sun a few times.  We did it three times.  That is all there really is to it.  Enjoy, we hope this idea inspires someone else.

Bathroom Sink Sandbox (1) Bathroom Sink Sandbox (2) Bathroom Sink Sandbox (3) Bathroom Sink Sandbox (4) Bathroom Sink Sandbox (5)