Remote Control Helicopters

I have only been into remote control helicopters for a little over a year.  I got my first coaxial in November 2011 and my first six channel collective pitch (Blade mCP X) in January of 2012.  This was an extreme way of learning how to fly remote control helicopters.  For example, I was so out of my league with the Blade mCP X that it took me two weeks just to get the heli airborne.  When deciding to move up from coaxials, it is a good idea to decide on one brand and stick with it unless you have a lot of money to spend.  I chose Blade because of the mCP X and stayed with Blade.  I became a loyal Blade fan originally because once I bought a real radio you are stuck with that brand.  I had to have a Spektrum Radio for the mCP X.  You cannot change receivers on micros like you can the bigger helis.  I do not regret the decision, since Blade began producing an array of products shortly after.

If I could go back knowing what I know now, I would have learned in a certain order.  If you are new and overwhelmed, then here is a list to help you make a decision to start your journey.  The list would have been shorter when I started, but this is the order I would have made my purchases.

  1. Blade Pico QX
  2. Blade Nano QX
  3. Blade MSR
  4. Blade Nano CP X
  5. Blade mCP X
  6. Blade mCP X BL (or do one of the many mCP X brushless modifications)
  7. Blade 180 QX HD
  8. Align Trex 150 DFC
  9. Blade 130X
  10. Blade 180 CFX

I have found that a lot of the old timers and pros in a way speak in a different language.  I am in no way telling you not to learn the language; if you are like me you are going to find yourself asking, “WTF!?”  My goal here is to give those new to remote control helicopters basic information in the simplest terms possible.  As I have progressed throughout my first year, I have learned a ton.  I hope everyone benefits from my knowledge, but this is geared to new people in the hobby from a new person in the hobby.  I figure we can learn together.  I hope everyone finds this helpful in the end since that is my intention.  Please enjoy.

Tools, Cleaning, ETC…

Align Trex:

Flybarless Control Units:

  • BeastX Microbeast
  • Spektrum AR7200BX
  • Align 3GX                  (Coming Soon)

Micro Helis

Collective Pitch:

For all of the brushless tutorials contained within the below categories, a huge thanks to Steffan (sskaug) and Achim (4712) for their work on BLHeli that pioneered the way for the brushless configurations to even be possible.  I can only take credit for being able to follow their instructions and able of doing the tasks.


Single Rotor Helicopters:

RC Air Radios: