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Estes Proto X Review

Estes Proto X (1)I had to check out the EstesProto X Mini Quadcopter mainly out of curiosity.  I have to say, I am extremely impressed with this little heli.  The Estes Proto X Mini Quadcopter is really fast.  This thing really zips around, but seems to almost stop on a dime.  I am still quite edgy with this heli, because it is so fast that it seems like I am instantly going to lose control of it in flight, but the Proto X is very stable.  I was surprised to find out that the controller actually uses a 2.4GHz radio frequency instead of an infrared signal like most helicopters of this size.  This means that you don’t have to worry about light interference and can fly this outside in the sun and around objects.  I thought this was really cool.

As far as flying it outdoors, ensure there is no wind.  This little guy doesn’t like breezes too much.  Indoor this helicopter is a blast.  I seriously haven’t had this much fun with an indoor helicopter in a long time.  I am truly blown away at how agile, yet controllable the Estes Proto X actually is.  The box says, “Easy To Fly,” and it actually is without a doubt.  I may have to buy a second one to fly while the other one is charging.  It is that much fun!  The LED lights on this heli is a bonus.  The front lights up blue and the back lights up in red helping to keep orientation effortless.  I am able to spin this bad boy in the air and easily stop in the direction I want it to.  The LED’s also serve as an indicator for when the battery is running low, so there is no chance of you flying into low voltage.

Everything with this helicopter is very compact.  I recently went on deployment with the Navy for nine months and due to all the equipment that I have to fly, I was unable to take anything with me.  Nine months without flying sucks!  I will be able to take the Estes Proto X anywhere, so that I won’t have to deal with no flying ever again.  There isn’t much to this helicopter and it is fast to get up and running, however there are a few things that I will cover so keep reading.

If you like this little quadcopter and it’s price, you should also check out the HobbyZone Faze Ultra Small Quadcopter.

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Estes Proto X – What Is In The Box

Everything is straight forward with this helicopter including what it comes with.  Before I get into that though I decided to do a couple box comparisons.  So you can get a really good idea of this helicopter’s size.

Estes Proto X box next to a Blade Nano CP X box.

Estes Proto X (2)







Estes Proto X (3)







Estes Proto X box next to a Blade Nano QX box.  Man, this helicopter is small.

Estes Proto X (4)







Now what is in the box.

Estes Proto X (5)







Once the box is empty, here is what it contains.  Yes, it all fits on one standard paper towel piece.  Additionally, the helicopter does not come with the 2 – AAA batteries needed for the controller, so you will need to purchase those a head of time.

Estes Proto X (6)

1. Estes Proto X Quadcopter. 2. Helicopter USB Charging Cable. 3. Bag With 1 – Extra Set Of Propellers. 4. 2.4Ghz Radio. 5. Instruction Manual.










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Estes Proto X Mini Quadcopter At A Glance

Did I say this quadcopter is small?????

Estes Proto X (7)







Estes Proto X (8)







The radio is super small too!!!!  The power switch is in the middle at the very bottom.  The two longer switches are the trim switches.  I have not had to trim mine as of yet.

Estes Proto X (9)







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 Estes Proto X Mini Quadcopter Charging

1.  Just like with anything else USB, plug in the USB cable into your computer first.  You can also use a wall adapter such as what comes with an iPhone or Kindle.

Estes Proto X (11)







2.  Ensure that your Proto X is turned off with the switch on the bottom.

Estes Proto X (10)







3.  Once you have verified your Proto X is off, plug the USB cable into the helicopter.  The notch on the cable should be on the bottom of the helicopter when you plug it in.

Estes Proto X (14)







Estes Proto X (13)







Estes Proto X (12)







4.  When the helicopter is plugged in the USB connector that is plugged into your computer will glow red during the charging process.

Estes Proto X (15)







5.  The red light turns off when the Proto X is fully charged which takes about 45 minutes.

Estes Proto X (16)







Now you are DONE charging and ready to fly!!!

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 Estes Proto X Mini Quadcopter Flying

1.  Radio Controls:

– Left Stick (Up/Down) – controls up and down movement or altitude.
– Left Stick (Left/Right) – turns the helicopter left or right or spin movement.
– Right Stick (Up/Down) – controls forward to back movement.
– Right Stick (Left/Right) – controls side to side movement, hover left to right.

Always turn on the radio before turning on the helicopter.  Turn on the radio until the red light begins to blink.

Estes Proto X (9)







2.  Next flip the switch on the bottom of the Proto X to turn on the helicopter.  You will hear a beep and the red light on the radio will turn green indicating that they are in sync.

Estes Proto X (10)







Now you are DONE ready to fly!!!!

General Notes:

– 45 minute charging time.
– 5 minutes of flying time.

Before the helicopter approaches low voltage the blue LED’s will blink to warn you.  Immediately land when this happens or you risk damaging the internal battery.  The video below shows the blue LED’s blinking before low voltage so you know what to look for.

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