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I am a fan of the Estes Proto X and when I heard about the HobbyZone Faze Ultra Small Quadcopter with Autoflip, I had to try it out.  The HobbyZone Faze is a blast to fly around the house.  It has a 2.4 GHz receiver instead of infrared like most micros of this size.  This means that you don’t have to be care about lighting and can even fly it outside in the sun if the wind isn’t blowing.  Like the Estes Proto X, the Faze takes a little getting used to in flight.  The coolest feature about the Faze is that it flips.  It doesn’t hover upside down, it just does a complete flip and then continues to fly.  It will flip forward/back and left/right.

In flight flipping it actually a lot of fun.  The Faze will also take a beating.  I’ve crashed numerous times and haven’t broken anything on it yet.  The Faze has different colored LED lights to help keep track of orientation in flight.  There are two blue lights in the front.  Two red lights to indicate the back of the heli and one white light on the right/left side.  The LED lights also serve as an indicator for when the battery is low, before it hits low voltage (the lights go from steady to blinking at when the battery is low).  This thing is a blast and comes with everything you need to fly it right out of the box.  All you have to do is charge and fly.

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Everything you need to start flying is in the box.  All you have to do is install the batteries in the controller and charge up the helicopter.

HobbyZone Faze (1)













Inside the box you will find the controller with the two batteries that you need for it.  You have the manuals, helicopter, and a bag of goodies.

HobbyZone Faze (2)













Inside the bag of goodies you will find the Faze’s charging cable, spare propellers, and a spare canopy.

HobbyZone Faze (3)













Here is a close up of the controller.

HobbyZone Faze (4)













Here is the Faze.  It only comes in red at the time of this posting.

HobbyZone Faze (5)













HobbyZone Faze (6)













HobbyZone Faze (7)













This photo shows the 2.4 GHz antenna protruding from the right side of the heli.  This is just for reference.

HobbyZone Faze (14)













This shows the back of the heli and the charging connector.

HobbyZone Faze (8)













Here is the underside of the Faze.  Take note of the on and off switch.

HobbyZone Faze (9)













Here is the HobbyZone Faze and Estes Proto X side by side for size comparison.

HobbyZone Faze (11)













HobbyZone Faze (12)













HobbyZone Faze (13)













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This quadcopter is the same size as the Estes Proto X, but it does tricks.  The Faze flips on a dime.

HobbyZone Faze (12)













The radio unfortunately is the same size as the one that comes with the Estes Proto X.  The Estes control is on the left.  The Faze is on the right.














The controls are very straight forward.  Here is the On/Off switch of course.

HobbyZone Faze (5)













Here are the trim buttons.

HobbyZone Faze (6)













The left stick, Up/Down controls throttle, Left/Right controls rudder movement.

HobbyZone Faze (7)













The right stick, Up/Down controls forward and back movement.  Left/Right hovers the heli left to right.

HobbyZone Faze (8)













Pushing In on the right stick will cause the heli to beep.  This indicates that it is in flip mode.  At this point all you have to do is move the right stick, Up/Down to make the helicopter flip forward or backward.  Push the right stick Left/Right tol cause the heli to flip to the left or right.  The Faze will only flip once each time the right stick is pressed down.  It only flips all of the way around and does not stay inverted.

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1.  Just like with anything else USB, plug in the USB cable into your computer first.  You can also use a wall adapter such as what comes with an iPhone or Kindle.

HobbyZone Faze (18)













2.  Ensure that your Proto X is turned off with the switch on the bottom.

HobbyZone Faze (9)













3.  Once you have verified your Proto X is off, plug the USB cable into the helicopter.

HobbyZone Faze (15)













Notice that the red light on the USB side of the cable is now off.  That means that your Faze is charging.  When charging is complete, the red light will come back on.

HobbyZone Faze (19)













4.  When the red light on the USB cable come back on, your Faze has completed charging.  Disconnect the cable from the Faze first, then remove the USB from your computer.  HAPPY FLYING!!

HobbyZone Faze (17)













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1.  Radio Controls:

– Left Stick (Up/Down) – controls up and down movement or altitude.
– Left Stick (Left/Right) – turns the helicopter left or right or spin movement.
– Right Stick (Up/Down) – controls forward to back movement.
– Right Stick (Left/Right) – controls side to side movement, hover left to right.

**  Push in on the right stick (as if pushing the stick into the controller) causes the Faze to beep, putting it into flip mode.

Flip Mode:

– Right Stick (Up/Down) – controls full forward/back flip.
– Right Stick (Left/Right) – controls full left/right flip.

** Flip Mode only lasts for one full flip.  After the flip is complete the Faze automatically returns to normal flight mode.  Press the right stick in once more to enter Flip Mode again.  The Faze does not remain inverted during flips.  It will only do complete flips.  If you crash and lower the throttle all of the way, the Faze will also return to normal flight mode.

1.  Always turn on the radio before turning on the helicopter.  Turn on the radio until the red light begins to blink.

HobbyZone Faze (5)













2.  Next flip the switch on the bottom of the Faze to turn on the helicopter, the helicopter lights will flash.  You will hear a beep indicating that they are in sync.  The lights on the Faze and the light on the radio will continue to blink.  Push the left stick all the way Up, then all the way Down.  Now the light on the radio and the lights on the Faze will go steady.  Push the left stick Up once more to begin flight.

HobbyZone Faze (9)













General Notes:

– 45 minute charging time.
– 5 minutes of flying time.

Before the helicopter approaches low voltage the LED lights will blink to warn you.  Immediately land when this happens or you risk damaging the internal battery.  Additionally, if after a few crashes and you find it hard to maintain altitude, replace your propellers.

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