Tools, Cleaning, ETC…

It is a fact that you are most likely going to be a awesome machanic long before you ever become an accomplished pilot.  Since entering this hobby, it seems that I am always buying new tools.  A lot that I use are universal all though there are some specific to some heli’s.  I am going to list out the general then all of the heli specific tools in each category.

General Tools:

– I do a lot of computer work and originally bought this 60 piece tool kit from Radio Shack for computer repair work.  This tool kit quickly became part of my heli repair kit.  tool kitThe screw drivers are the perfect size for micro heli’s.  The wire cutters and needle nose pliers are also the perfect size.  The wire strippers are perfect for stripping battery leads.  You will not need another pair other than a smaller pair for wire wrap for signal wires.  You will have to get those separate anyway.  I usually use an exacto knife or razor blade for the super small wires.  Additionally this kit has two scribes that I use quite often.  There is a magnet that is great for picking up and catching those small screws; speaking of small screws there is a handy storage box included as well.  This is definitely a perfect starter kit to begin your collection with.  The solder iron will do well for a beginner solder tech.




– A soldering station will most likely become a part of your work bench eventually and I recommend the Hakko FX-888D which is a very good buy for under $100.00.  You seriously cannot go wrong with this set up.  Read my review on the FX-888 for more information.






– A hot glue gun will also be a must.  My first one came from Wal-Mart that only lasted me three months.  I found a better one at Lowe’s that is way more reliable.  Additionally the Wal-Mart hot glue was not very durable either.  Arrow brand is the way to go.  Arrow hot glue comes off easily with alcohol, yet stays where you put it until you remove it.

Dental microbrushes have been very handy.  The list of things that I use them for is pretty long, but here you go:

  • Cleaning and applying deoxit to MCPX style linear servos.
  • Cleaning and lubricating gears.
  • Cleaning and lubricating bearings.
  • Applying loctite in small places.  Some use tooth picks.  I prefer dental microbrushes.
  • Pull off the fuzz from a used one and they become better glue applicators than tooth picks.

Jewelers tweezers are a must for micro heli’s.
Xacto Knife
Dremel tool comes in handy for cutting CF rods and trimming.
Helping hands to help you hold stuff.
Calipers – I put off getting calipers and when I finally did get a set I wanted to kick myself.  They make measuring a lot of parts so much easier.
– Standard Ruler

250 Size Heli’s:

Pitch Gauge – Accurate pitch is key to a good setup.
– Hex Drives: 

  • 0.9mm
  • 1.0mm
  • 1.3mm



– CA Glue – thin and thick
– Loctite – blue and green
– Oil/Grease:  A few examples.