There has been a recent prediction that in a few years, all or most reviews available on the internet will be fake or not from a real person.  It is already very apparent that reviews have become a part of competition.  Have you ever wondered why some product reviews have a lot of positive feedback, and then there are a few negative reviews?  It is a possibility that some of those negative reviews are just a bad experience which caused a person to rant.  Sometimes a competitor will throw a negative review on a company’s site to bash their product just to gain more business.  This can also work the other where a company will have employees or friends write a positive review on their product just to help them out.  I for one depend on reviews quite often.  I do wish they were all honest, but unfortunately we do not live in a truthful world.  My wife and I are here to fight this bot mania.

We are not paid affiliates of any company, if that changes in the future that fact will be indicated at the beginning of every review.  We are here to give you complete honesty; to offer you the good and bad about everything that we take the time to give our opinion on.  We want our readers to be able to make an informed decision before purchasing anything.


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