Worx 24-Volt Edger and Trimmer

ReviewWorx 24-Volt Edger and Trimmer

The Worx 24-Volt Edger and Trimmer is an impressive yard tool.  I have used all kinds of yard trimmers over the years to include both gas and electric.  Currently I prefer electric due to high gas prices and the noise level on electric is lower than on a gas trimmer.  Normally it is a trade off with power going from a gas to electric.  Not in this case.  This trimmer aboslutely rocks!  My first electric trimmer had an internal battery and I love that this one is external.

I have a good sized residential yard and the battery on this trimmer knocks it all out on one charge without loss of power.  The strings last a long time too.  With my other trimmer I would have to lengthen the strings at least three times when trimming my yard.  With the Worx 24-Volt Edger and Trimmer I check it at the beginning and do not have to mess with the string until the next time I trim my lawn.

This one is my first timmer that doubles as an edger.  Before getting this jewel I would tilt my trimmer and carefully go around the edges holding my trimmer sideways.  This would cause my back to get sore half way threw trimming my yard.  The edging feature is a savior for my back.  Now I am able to trim my entire yard with ease and comfort.  There are parts of my yard that I expected the two wheels would make trimming hard, but boy was I wrong.

The only downside to the edging feature is that you have to take your time and be very careful.  This trimmer is a beast and not only cuts through grass, it will also slice through the dirt as if it were butter.  I guess that really would not be a downside.  I am just saying, you have to focus.  Reviews have been complaining about the power on this unit, but I do not understand why.  You do need to wear safety goggles.  This trimmer in edger mode will kick up a lot of debris, which you can see in the video below demonstrating this trimmer’s power.

The trimmer is fairly easy to adjust.  You have to push down on the head and turn moving from trimmer to edger mode.  The head also tilts, but requires a lot of pressure while you are pushing down on the base.  This was a good investment in my case and I have absolutely no regrets.  For once I look forward to trimming my lawn.  I highly recommend the Worx 24-Volt Edger and Trimmer!





This shows the finished product of the edger
Worx 24-Volt Edger and Trimmer









Worx 24-Volt Edger and Trimmer









Here is a video of it in action.  My dog hates the trimmer even though I love it!  She gets crazy over all things noisy and mechanical.