X-Tronic 2 in 1 Digital Hot Air Rework Station

hotairOver all this rework station is a good buy.  Actually it is an awesome deal considering all of the items you get in the package.  I have been using mine for just over six months now and it is still kicking.  The soldering iron heats up fairly fast.  Mine takes about a minute to reach the actual temperature indicated on the digital display.  This is after the max temperature that you set is displayed.  The included tips are durable and every size that you could possibly need.  The tweezers are of decent quality as well.  I absolutely love the hot air gun and use if for melting hot glue, heat shrink, and installing decals.  You can set the temperature for that as well.  An additional feature about the hot air gun that I like is the safety shut off.  When the hot air gun will not start blowing or heating unless you pick it up from it’s storage cradle.

When you place it back in the storage cradle it stops.  The lamp is not good for a primary lighting source, but it works very well when trying to light up an object that you are magnifying.  Lastly that whole rework station is very compact and can be placed almost anywhere.  I do have a few complaints though.  The heating element on mine died after a month.  The funny thing is that you will need a soldering iron to swap out the the heating element.  Good thing that I have a backup iron and the set comes with a replacement.  I really do use this station a lot and after four months the second heating element is still good.  In conclusion  I do not regret this purchase.  I have abused it and it does still work like a champ.  The hot air gun by itself has done enough work to pay for the whole deal.  I would recommend this rework station to a fellow hobbiest, but still not sure if it would hold up during repeated professional abuse.