Las Vegas, Nevada

Monta Ramen

5030 Spring Mountain Road
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 367-4600

I do not need to tell you how good this place is.  If you go to Las Vegas and pick up any pamplet pertaining to food you are going to see this ramen house listed on it.  It is the top ramen house in Las Vegas and I am here to confirm that.  Yes, I am a ramen addict and this is a place that I am going to have to visit everytime I go to Vegas.  It is a small establishment located in a plaza off the strip and is completely worth getting off the beaten path to find.  Monta Ramen has a small dining area, but I feel the highlight is the actual noodle bar.  The noodle bar definitely gives the place a traditional Japanese Ramen House feel.  The service is top notch and you get to watch your noodles being prepared while you wait.  If you are in Vegas and a ramen noodle addict like me, you have to check Monta Ramen out.  You will not be disappointed!