My service in the US Navy has taken me to a lot of places all over the world.  All of the traveling that I have done as a sailor has been one of the major highlights of my life.  An aspect of my life that I am very grateful for.  As I talk about cities and countries, I am not going to offer you a tourist perspective.  I have never taken a tour and never will.  I refuse to go to a new place, see everything that everyone else has seen, nor be confined to some monotonous schedule.  When I arrive somewhere I place my things in the room that I am staying in and simply start walking.  I rarely take taxis.  When I do use that service it means that the night is over and I am on my way back to my room.  I always took for random.  Aside from walking a good random way to get around especially in a different country is to jump on a train system, if there is one.

One of the things that I do when there is a subway or train system is walk up to the ticket machine and throw my finger randomly on a town or city.  Go there and spend an hour or two checking it out.  What is the worst that can happen?  I have been to some really unique and beautiful places doing this.  Do not misread me though.  I am not suggesting that you be unsafe.  Safety is always first.  If you look down a street or alley and you do not feel comfortable, then turn around.  If you are in another country that you do not know well, I suggest you take a friend as well.  I am just simply saying that I do not tour; I roam.  Happy traveling no matter your style!

Las Vegas, NV: